LAN / WAN Solution

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WAN optimisation can be achieved using bandwidth optimisers that avoid costly upgrades by accelerating application performance over your existing WAN. If requiring a new WAN solution Provista can supply MPLS, LES, P2P Wireless Bridges and VPN networks that support bandwidth hungry applications and unified communications systems by designing WAN QOS and Security features as standard.


Local Area Network design is crucial to enterprises as they have to support high density of users with high speed data and application access. The LAN has to be highly available and all our solutions are designed with performance and availability in mind.

ISDN Solution

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is an all-digital communications service that gives your standard phone lines the ability to transmit voice, data and video at very high speeds at a relatively low cost.
There are two types of ISDN service:

  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI): Ideal for larger businesses.
  • Basic Rate Interface (BRI): Perfect for small-scale businesses.

Both BRI and PRI use channels called "B", or Bearer channels, and "D", or Delta channel. The B channels provide a transmission path for user information, such as voice and data, while the D Channel carries signaling information, such as call setup and packet data.

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DSL Solution

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DSL can be used to provide a reliable and economical means to share business-critical data across geographical boundaries through specialized virtual private networking solutions. VPN services are based on secure, continuous, high-speed connections that extend your organization’s information assets, even as they protect against unwanted access.Virtual private networking – or VPN – is an increasingly popular method of sharing digital information within a closed circle of users who don’t share the same physical location.

RAS(Remote Access Services)

Remote access is increasingly becoming the way in which businesses are required to work. It enables workers to access information ‘at work’ quickly and conveniently without compromising security.

First Point IT is one of the pioneers in offering secure remote access solutions and services, Dial up Remote Access Solutions, Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services in the areas of New Delhi, Gurgaon and all over India. We offer a variety of solutions available enabling you to work securely in a global environment.

  • Dialup Remote Access Service (RAS)
  • Remote Control
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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VPN(Virtual Private Network)

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VPN Solutions allows your business to connect multiple offices and enjoying the simplicity of combining your voice, data and Internet traffic over a single network. Whether you have two sites or 200, Si Technologies can customize a secure, reliable solution to maximize your networking investment.

Dependable and Secure Private Network — Si Technologies high performance network connects all your locations over a private IP/MPLS network with 99.999% network availability. Voice, data and Internet traffic converge over a single network, providing rapid, reliable and secure access to all of your employees regardless of their location.

Survillance Security

Survillance Security enables embedded image capture capabilities that allows video images or extracted information to be compressed, stored or transmitted over communication networks or digital data link. Digital video surveillance systems are used for any type of monitoring.

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